Tuesday, April 29, 2008


New Straits Times, Monday, April 28, 2008

'Unsafe camps will be closed'

GUA MUSANG: The National Service Training Department has warned that it would close any of the National Service (NS) camps found to be unsafe for trainees as had been done to the Kubena Camp in Sipitang, Sabah on Wednesday.

Its director-general, Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil, said the closing of the Kubena Camp was because of a danger of landslides; the 343 trainees there have been moved to other camps in Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia.

He said the camp was ordered to close temporarily to give time to its management to prevent the landslides before the third batch of trainees were taken in.

"We will make inspections and after that, if safety is still unsatisfactory, we will maintain the closure," Abdul Hadi said while visiting NS trainees at the Etnobotani Camp here yesterday.

According to Abdul Hadi, 270 trainees from Sabah and Sarawak and 73 from Peninsular Malaysia were enrolled at the Kubena camp.

"We used a Royal Malaysian Air Force C130 aircraft to transport the 73 back. They were placed in three camps in Selangor." - Bernama


U.Lee said...

Hello Mr AS Kasah, I was at Akmal's blog and noticed your callsign and popped over. Wow! You have an impressive 3 blogs and regret my Bahasa is 1950's but managed to understand and appreciate your other posting. Very interesting.
I must admit, I have always been facinated by people from 'the land below the wind', and during my working days travelled to Sarawak several times, was fortunate to meet and know Orang Ulu's, Bidayus, Kedayans, Ibans. I certainly enjoyed the charms of the land below the wind, not to mention the food too.
You stay easy and keep well, best regards, Lee.

A.S. Kasah said...

Dear u.lee,
Thanks for coming by at my blogs. It is not your Bahasa, but some of the articles are written in Kedayan dialect which very few people understand except the Kedayans.

Thank you for for the nice words. I've visited you blog. It's wonderful and I enjoyed listening to the oldies. I'm going to link your blogsite in mine, I hope you don't mind. Cheers.

U.Lee said...

Hi Mr Kasah, it'll be an honour you linking to me.
No wonder I couldn't fathom out the I thought was Bahasa, ha ha. I thought the Government had come out with new vocabulary.
I have readers or visitors from Sarawak popping in my place on and off too.
Its fun getting to know people from everywhere.
You have a nice day, Lee.

david santos said...

Hello, A.S.Kasah!
Dear Kasah,
Thanks for your posting. I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice week.