Monday, November 19, 2007

Interesting comments from the blog reader

Depicted below are the comments I received over my e-mail and I would like to share the comments with other readers. It is a very informative, interesting and highly intellectual comments and I leave it to the readers to read and evaluate the comments. For the sender, I thank you for the comment.

QUOTE - "The story at has little to do with
intelligence or even knowledge. It has to do with the failure to
recognise that his own land is full of diamonds. This is a failure of
knowledge, not of intelligence because he was successful before he
started becoming greedy.

If you want to discuss what intelligence is you may start with my blogspot at

Actually it is not easy to define success scientifically.
Do you consider Hitler or Bill Gates as a success?

How about those in between? Are they a success or a failure?

Those walking encyclopaedias such as Einstein and Newton, why do you
consider them as failures because they are only in between? Or because
they are not well off financially.

Actually, in order to understand how to evaluate success is to
understand Shannon's Information Theory which is the basis of my
intelligence theory. You don't need to define how useful any
information is. You just measure how much information content there

Is monetary wealth the only criteria for success?

Walking encyclopedias may not be respected by many people because they
are poor, but I certainly welcome them because they contribute to more
knowledge. Just look at the wealth of knowledge that our ancestors had
accumulated, such as the food that had been invented by our ancestors.
In order to preserve their knowledge for eternity, we should document
them as quickly and as permanently as possible. Blogspots are
certainly the best way of doing it at the moment. That is why was setup.- UNQUOTE

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