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Fadhli (Lee) Khairon bin Abd Samat

The inaugural Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya triathlon race was held Sunday, October 4, 2009 at Putrajaya. The race consists of 1.8km swim, 90.1km cycle and 21.1km run. It is one of the toughest competition on earth where human strengths i.e physical and mental are put to test to the maximum.

The Inaugural Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya draws huge participants from all over the world and amongst them is a Kedayan, Fadhli Khairon bin Abd Samat, 24 from Malaysia.

Fadhli at the Finish Line - Ubo Robert Weitz, relay participant(2nd from left) #294 is a great motivator for Fadhli. Fadhli was in the verge of "mental breakdown" towards the end of the race until the kind lady came to the rescue, giving him the motivation to finish the race. According to Fadhli, his physical agility was superb but his mental ability was letting him down. The biggest blunder in any sport is the mental ability to sustain performance. Thank you very much Ms Ubo Robert Weitz for your kindness.

Ms Ubo Robert Weitz and his family are seen escorting Fadhli to the Finish Line. Great lady!

This is Fadhli's first participation in the Ironman triathlon, although he had participated in numerous Malaysian cycling circuits in the past three years. According to Fadhli, "It is the true test of endurance and only those who are physically and mentally prepared would finish the race."

The Swim (1.8 KM)

The cycle (90.1 KM)

The Run (21.1 KM)

The total distance for swim, cycle and run is 113 kilometres. I was a long distance runner (10,000 metres) during my school days but not 113 kilometres!

I have the honour to share with the readers some of the images in and around the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya triathlon race. Enjoy them.

Lake and Pullman Hotel (right) at dawn

Fadhli before the race

Elicia bt Abdullah (left) and Fadhli

Waiting to be numbered

Numbering in progress

From left - Fadhli, Esmenn and Elicia

From left - Elicia, Chow, Fadhli and Esmenn, parading numbers


From left - Elicia, Fadhli and Esmenn

From left - Esmenn, Fadhli and Elicia

Fadhli, Esmenn and other participants

Fadhli and the other participants


Spectators (Toasts for breakfast)

Water Boys / Girls

Elicia Abdullah nearing the finish line.

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